POWERGRIP YG-3 12-way power consul

The YG-3 is a different take on the entire concept of delivering clean mains power to an audio system, combining meticulous engineering with a level of flexibility that has to date been lacking in the category.

Designed from the ground up, it features 12 x mains outputs and can supply a total 3,680 watts of power to them. Six sockets are designed with a view to high current delivery, such as for the connection of amplifiers, while the other six are for more general use; a complement that should handle most systems with ease. Each socket is internally filtered, which can detect and clean even very small impurities to the feed.

The YG-3 also offers extensive protection against DC on the mains. Rather than an ‘all or nothing’ approach that can lead to over zealous shut down when any DC is present rather than an amount that is an actual issue, the YG-3 can be set to act when a pre-determined level of DC is detected, ensuring the your system is protected when it needs to be but otherwise works normally when harmless amounts of DC is present.

The twelve sockets can be set to be active all the time but they can also be assigned into six separate groups. These groups can be independently powered on and off depending on whether they are needed at the time. The shutdown and power up times can also be adjusted to allow for connected equipment to correctly shut down before the switch off occurs.

The filtering on the YG-3 can also be adjusted as well. Not every piece of audio equipment will benefit from external filtering and some companies actively advise against it. The YG-3 allows for sockets in a specific group to run unfiltered, while still benefiting from active surge and DC protection.

A 12v trigger allows for external startup and shut down, whilst full RS-232 protocol is available for custom installation use. The YG-3 is also equipped with WiFi, which allows for app control via a phone or tablet. Download and install the Ewelink app and you can access the extensive functionality of the YG-3 over network.

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