Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic

The Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic is a high-quality record washing machine that is manufactured in Germany. It is reliable and used by vinyl listeners around the world. The Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic has all the functions necessary for optimal record washing.
The heart of the Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic is the extraction technology of its big brother, the “Nessie Vinylmaster”. The same elements are used and no compromises are made. The pressure on the surface during the suction is never too high. This is a common problem with “powerful” machines from the Far East.
The housing is made of 8 mm deep black acrylic and the platter is made of satined acrylic. Chrome-plated design and functional elements make the machine a real eye-catcher.
The elegant puck made of chromeplated aluminum is also unique in this class. It has a rubber lip seal on the underside that protects the label from getting wet during washing. It seals without screws or clamps just by its own weight.
With the Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic, the cleaning fluid (Nessie Vinylin) is applied manually and the record is washed with a Nessie premium brush. The in-house cleaning agent “Vinylin” is supplied in a practical 200 ml spray bottle, which enables easy dosing of the cleaning solution. The automatic change of direction of rotation supports the high cleaning effect.


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