Nessie Vinylcleaner Pro

The Nessie Vinylcleaner PRO is based on the Basic model with the addition of a high-quality brush arm mounted on the front right of the machine. This brush arm makes it much easier to wash your records and simply swivels onto the record and automatically adapts to any unevenness of the disk. Vinyl listeners who have previously washed their records wet with a hand brush will be familiar with the below problems:    
  1.  Holding the brush by hand is exhausting, especially if more than 1 record is to be washed. The result is that washing is usually too short and the result remains unsatisfactory.
  2.  It is almost impossible to guide the brush by hand so that it does not go over the edge of the record. If this happens, you will have cleaning fluid on the back of the record that you may have just dried beforehand.
The Nessie brush arm avoids the above difficulties. The record is cleaned thoroughly across its entire width without having to hold a hand brush. The brush is made of the finest polyamide carbon fibers of the highest quality from a brush manufacturer in the German Black Forest.


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