Nessie Vinylmaster Advance

The NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance is based 100% on the top model NESSIE Vinylmaster, which is our bestseller since 10 years. The difference is the new electronics that feature a coloured display. This guides you through the whole washing process and gives you valuable information in either the English or German language.
The NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance combines innovative microfiber with classic brush cleaning. The interactive display of the machine guarantees easy operation. Proven long-life motors and a powerful automatic suction system ensure the best possible washing result.
Two tanks are integrated into the machine: a storage tank for the cleaning fluid and a separate tank for the dirty water. This means that every record is washed with fresh cleaning solution. Both tanks are monitored electronically.
Unlike a simply constructed machine, the NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance has two separate functional arms for washing and vacuuming. This has many advantages for the user, but above all a better washing result.


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