Caruso All-In-One Music System

If size is of a premium yet you want room-filling sound, look no further than Caruso. Whether your intention is to stream music or enjoy the classic CD, the new Caruso is always at the ready.  If you like, you can turn the Caruso into your home’s control centre via Amazon Alexa, transforming the system into far more than just a music generator. Even with this level of network access, Alexa’s functions and microphones can be switched off at any time, so that you can always be sure of one vital factor: The confidence of data security.

Three power amplifiers with 100 watts continuous power for the subwoofer system and 50 watts each for the mid / highrange units are coupled directly to the loudspeaker chassis. Thanks to the Caruso’s digital signal processor, the whole system is controlled by an ultra-precise active cross-over unit (active loudspeaker concept). Several different sound characteristics are available, ensuring that the system always delivers excellent sound quality regardless of its positioning. For a device this small the sound experience is incredible, and the key feature behind this is the consistent use of aluminium subassemblies.

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