Caruso R Multi Source Receiver

The new Caruso R incorporates T+A’s design language of timeless reduction like few others: Its landscape-mode 7” touchscreen appears to extend the Caruso R horizontally, while the silver cover provides a subtle counterpoint. The Caruso R almost literally blends into the room without losing its impressive presence.
The black lacquered case provides a sharp external outline to the Caruso R’s elegantly extended silhouette.

The NavigatorOS with Alexa access transforms the Caruso R into much more than simply a music device: it becomes a companion to your life. Alexa functions and microphones can be switched off at any time, so that – despite all the network activity – one thing is maintained above all: the good feeling of data security. The new Caruso R is equipped with all the connections and sources required for the enjoyment of music. Regardless of whether you prefer to stream music or enjoy the classic CD, the new Caruso R is always ready for you. Just add speakers to let the music flow.

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