T+A Cala CDR Streaming CD Receiver

The CALA® CDR is the larger model in the CALA® Receiver range. From the point of view of overall design philosophy and technical facilities the machine is a close relative of the CALA® SR, but it also features a high-quality CD mechanism, output stages with twice the power and a high-performance mains section. 100 Watts continuous power is available per channel, which is ample for use with large loudspeakers. To accommodate these additional features the case is larger and heavier, but it remains very compact, and maintains the same overall design and proportions as the CALA® SR. Since both devices are based on one and the same motherboard, music sources and connection facilities are also identical. The plinth of CALA® receivers can be illuminated, as T+A has integrated an LED strip light in the rear part of the machine’s backplate. For ambient lighting, users can choose between different colour modes and white, blue, green and red light, and the intensity of the lighting is user-variable.

The CALA® CDR’s high-performance digital signal processor makes it simple and convenient to set it up to suit individual system configurations. For example, it is possible to switch off inputs which are not required, and the sensitivity of one analogue input can be switched to act as a phono MM and High output MC preamplifier. For operation in a surround system, the device features a Surround-Pass-Through Mode.  A further feature is a range of sound fields designed to achieve optimum sound quality under a variety of conditions and positions, catering also for relatively small loudspeakers. A bass management system regulates all settings if a subwoofer / satellite system is employed.

For the CALA® receivers, T+A has developed an ingenious fully digital design principle, which performs the entire signal processing in the digital domain. This provides a crucial improvement in sound quality, since it eliminates the need for the additional conversion of digital sources; all the data processing is carried out consistently in HD audio quality.

The CALA® is a versatile, fully featured receiver with a great performance, and this is only possible through the use of the latest technologies and components. All the audio signal processing is carried out by a high-performance digital signal processor, which generates the sound fields for various set-up conditions and virtual surround, controls – where necessary – all the tone settings and cut-off frequencies for the primary loudspeakers and sub-woofer (bass management), processes and controls the output signals for the speaker channels, and converts the two analogue inputs into digital data, so that these can also be processed digitally.

The integral amplifiers are based on high-speed bridged switching output stages with high continuous power and current delivery capacity. Their output is sufficient even for large loudspeakers and spacious listening rooms. A mains section which is very stable under load makes ample energy available at all times. Naturally a sophisticated protective circuit monitors all the machine’s operating states.

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