T+A HA 200 Headphone Amplifier / DAC

T+A’s first headphone amplifier is a new and ground-breaking development in which the analogue amplifier section, the converter section and also the case mechanics operate to perfection. The analogue section of the HA 200 is based on the unique T+A HV technology. Its high-performance output stages operate in Class-A mode with a high idle current, and are effortlessly capable of driving even the most difficult of headphones. The impedance of the three headphone outputs can even be matched to the headphones in use and the individual sound ideas. A crossfeed function for creating a sound stage image positioned in front of the head is available on request. The high-quality mains sections – one digital, one analogue with two separate toroidal transformers – provide very generous reserves of power.

The digital section is fitted with the proprietary T+A True 1-Bit digital / analogue converter, which provides an incredible DSD 1024 for Bitstream, and the T+A quadruple converter with 32 Bit / 768 kHz for PCM. Like all current T+A DACs, the new HA 200 also features a sophisticated and completely separate decoder architecture for DSD and PCM, ensuring that all digital formats are decoded to the finest standards. There is no shortage of inputs either, with the HA 200 featuring 8 inputs, including 2 x analogue and 6 x digital, if the optional HDMI board is utilised.

The design and materials of the case harmonise perfectly with the unique electronics. The HA 200 is significantly larger and heavier than other headphone amplifiers, but this is not surprising given the more than 2300 components and the sophisticated HV technology. All the case components are produced from non-magnetic aluminium, and the front panel is machined from solid plate material – just like the HV series. Accurate QPPM metering instruments and a large screen supply important system information and provide an accurate indication of operating conditions. The FM8 IR remote control controls all functions of the HA 200.

Ideally suited to work with both T+A’s own headphones, such as the Solitaire P or Solitaire PSE, or any other hifi-end headphone, T+A has designed the HA 200 in every respect with no hint of compromise and without regard to cost, for it had only one goal in mind: musical reproduction to the very highest standard of perfection.

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2020 Headphone Amp of the Year!

Hi-Fi Plus – 2020 Awards

T+A HA 200 USB/DAC Headphone Amp

“Very few headphone amplifiers are able to take you on such an epic sonic journey when you slip on your cans, and combined with a seemingly endless array of tweaking options and flexibility, it’s very difficult to see this as anything other than the perfect option for those that take their headphone listening seriously. Just because it’s high-end, doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to have fun.”

HiFi Choice

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T+A HA 200 USB/DAC Headphone Amp

“What the HA 200 does, it does to sensational effect. Explore all its flexibility, wondering at the design and build, or treat all that as over-engineering, plug in a good pair of cans and let the music take you. If you take hi-fi headphone listening very seriously, you’re going to love it.”

Andrew Everard / Hi-Fi News

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T+A HA 200 headphone amplifier – HiFi Review

“It is hard to fault such a fine piece of equipment, so I won’t.  It is, simply a masterpiece of headphone amplifier loveliness.   With such a high degree of flexibility, it will be difficult to find a pair of headphones that wouldn’t benefit from the dynamic control from this Class A product.   It is the easiest 5 star of the year, what an outstanding headphone amplifier.”

Simon Wilce / HiFi and Music Source

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