T+A Solitaire P Planer Magnetostatic Headphones

Hand-built in Germany, the corded over-ear planar-magnetostatic headphone design combines minimalist styling and the finest materials with class-leading research and development. Also hand-built in Germany, the HA 200 utilises the company’s flagship HV Series circuits in a Class-A design that operates at a high idle current, enabling it to drive even the most demanding headphones without difficulty. In no uncertain terms, T+A has created these products for those that crave a new level of headphone performance.

Like the company’s flagship Solitaire series of loudspeakers, the new Solitaire P symbolises the experience, expertise and commitment in the design and development of sound transducers that has been the hallmark of the German specialist audio company for 41 years.  Developed by a team that mixes young engineers with experienced physicists, all who share a deep passion for music, the Solitaire P utilises a sophisticated planar-magnetostatic design philosophy.  With its ultra-lightweight membrane, which covers the whole area of the capsule and is positioned between the planar magnetostatic drive system, each drive unit delivers excellent sonic properties, with the entire surface area of the membrane driven to deliver a spacious, airy feel that is unique even for planar headphones.  All materials used in the manufacture of the Solitaire P’s are of the finest quality, featuring aircraft-grade aluminium and the softest leather.

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