T+A Solitaire P Planer Magnetostatic Headphones

Hand-built in Germany, the Solitaire P corded over-ear planar-magnetostatic headphone design symbolises the experience, expertise and commitment in the design and development of sound transducers that has been the hallmark of the German specialist audio company for 41 years.  Developed by a team that mixes young engineers with experienced physicists, all who share a deep passion for music, the Solitaire P utilises a sophisticated planar-magnetostatic design philosophy.

In principle, the actual transducer of the Solitaire P’s magnetostat consists of rod-shaped high-performance neodymium magnets of varying length, with an innovative pole geometry. These magnets are held in a precise, accurately manufactured mount which guarantees the positioning of the magnetic poles to an accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimetre. This design generates a totally linear magnetic field, in which the special ultra-lightweight diaphragm moves. The diaphragm itself is only a few µm thick, and consists of a structurally stable High-Tech polymer material; it also bears an array of very light conductors – also only µm thick – which are applied in a sophisticated, highly precise photo-chemical process. This unique technology ensures that the entire surface of the diaphragm is driven absolutely evenly, thereby eliminating the partial oscillations which are unavoidable with localised drive systems. The net result is a type of transducer that delivers excellent sonic properties, with the entire surface area of the membrane driven to deliver a spacious, airy feel that is unique even for planar headphones.

Precision demands time, and that is why the aluminium cups, to which all the sub-assemblies are attached, take more than two hours to machine. T+A quality requirements demand extremely close tolerances, and this requires the use of the latest precision five-axis machines. Like the cups, the yokes and their holders are machined from solid aluminium: this makes the headphones enormously strong and rigid without incurring additional weight.

The ear and head cushions were developed to ensure that they exert no trace of pressure even after ten hours of uninterrupted listening. The German-manufactured synthetic leather and Alcantara surfaces are 100% allergen-free. The internal structure of the ear cushions is responsible for the outstanding positional accuracy of individual instruments as well as the headphones’ expansive sound stage.

The sophisticated construction of the cables ensures that all parameters are maintained perfectly, guaranteeing that the extraordinary performance of the transducers can unfold to its full extent. The cables consist of ultra- pure copper (OFC) conductors with a carefully defined silver layer, encased with the connectors and splitters in a single manufacturing process, and sheathed in high-quality insulators. Professional military-grade two-pole connectors are used to connect the cups. Robustness and flexibility are not mutually exclusive in this context.

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2020 Best Headphone Of The Year – T+A Solitaire P

“The T+A Solitaire P headphones draw on years of industry experience to provide a product infused with an exceptional build, acoustic design, and commitment to leading standards. Primed with extraordinary cohesion, spatial localization of sound, and control, the Solitaire P provides its own niche to a growing high-end world of audiophilia.”

Smit Patel / Headfonics

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2020 Best Headphone Over £2,000 – T+A Solitaire P

“I had some doubts about the T+A Solitaire P when the concept was explained to me – a headphone that costs five thousand pounds that is made by a company that up until this point had never made a headphone at any price. Let’s cut to the chase though. On their first attempt at making a headphone, T+A has nailed almost every aspect of technology, design and construction.”

“This is – by some margin – the best headphone I’ve ever tested and it has a depth of talent that is almost unprecedented in terms of how it balances its talents and capabilities. The T+A creates a high end listening experience where speakers cannot. It does so while being an absolute joy to use. If your pockets are deep enough, this is as good as headphone listening gets.”

Ed Selly / AVForums

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These T+A Solitaire P Headphones Are Probably The Best You’ll Ever Hear.

Verdict: “Thanks to some amazing technology involving advanced materials and clever placement of magnets, the T+A Solitaire P headphones set the benchmark for all other manufacturers of planar magnetic headphones to reach. Of course, like any high-end headphones, the Solitaires need an impeccable source because they are ruthless in the amount of detail they can reveal. If you feed substandard signals it will be no surprise if the music sounds as bad as it is. Cheap headphones can disguise a multitude of sonic sins. The musicality and abundant detail that these headphones offer is a pure delight. Normally, I can’t manage more than an hour or two of headphone listening at a time, but with these headphones not only could I listen all day in comfort, I knew my ears wouldn’t be fatigued and I could spend days rediscovering my favorite music, finding new sounds and instruments that I never knew were there. T+A may not be a household name in high-end audio, but it really deserves to be. If you are an ardent headphone fan and you want the very best that money can buy, I can heartily recommend T+A’s Solitaire P headphones.”

Mark Sparrow / Forbes

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Solitaire P – Hifi Review

“These T+A Solitaire P headphones are the Rolls Royce of headphones….they are designed for the longer journey, enabling you to arrive without fatigue, knowing you’ve experienced the best your money can buy.
In substance, as I have already stated, the T+A Solitaire P headphones deliver a wonderfully warm sound with such fabulous detail and they have a soundstage to stand up for. I can award these headphones nothing less than ‘Outstanding’, 5 stars.”

Simon Wilce / hifiandmusicsource.com

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