T+A Solitaire P-SE Planer Magnetostatic Headphones

The Solitaire P-SE carries the Solitaire P’s DNA into a new price class, but it is far more than just a clone: from the modified transducer and the Draft Control System through to the headband, the Solitaire P-SE constitutes a separate, distinct product.

The Solitaire P-SE is driven by T+A’s in-house transducer TPM 2500. The fundamental design of this transducer is based on the Solitaire P’s TPM 3100, but the new transducer incorporates far-reaching detail changes. The special membrane located over the magnet array is damped with copper conductor tracks, while the Solitaire P’s Draft Control System has been revised in order to meet the particular requirements of the headphones’ durable high quality synthetic compound construction. The net result is a driver capable of carrying the celebrated sound philosophy of the Solitaire P and TPM 3100 into a new price bracket. The resulting sound signature is characterised by a total lack of inertia, incredible bass-performance, and a sweet treble range.

All these features give the Solitaire P-SE a distinctively different appearance from the original model, without denying its family likeness. T+A has achieved a substantial reduction in weight by employing high-quality synthetic compound, whilst maintaining the same high level of comfort in use. The dedicated ear-cushions were developed to suit the composite materials; allowing for an incredible positional accuracy of each instrument without compromising the expansive soundstage.

Compact, lightweight and high in quality – these were the cable requirements selected for the Solitaire P-SE. Their impedance matching and symmetrical construction guarantee excellent sound characteristics, while their welded connections make them highly resistant to external influences. The Solitaire P-SE comes with two plugs: A 6.3 mm standard jack as well as the choice of a balanced XLR plug or 4.4 mm Pentaconn, which is recommended when using with the T+A HA-200 headphone amplifier.

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