T+A stands for Theory and Application and is one of Germany’s largest specialist audio brands and is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing audio products of the highest standard possible. Based in Herford in Eastern Westphalia (near Hanover) since 1978, T+A develop and produce all of its products in house. These include amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, CD players, network streamers, turntables and speakers. Extremely long product cycles, extended service life and wide range of retro-fit options make a T+A system an excellent investment for the future.

We have exclusive distribution rights for the UK and Ireland of T+A’s New media products including All in One music systems (Caruso) and the compact music systems (Cala), with additional products to be launched very soon.

Our friends at KOG Audio handle distribution of the traditional Hi-Fi range. They can be found at http://www.kogaudio.com/


Solitaire P

Planer Magnetostatic Headphones

Solitaire P-SE

Planer Magnetostatic Headphones

Headphone Amplifier

HA 200

Headphone Amplifier / DAC

Music Systems


Network Streaming Receiver with CD


Multi Source Receiver

All-in-one Hi-Fi Systems


Multi-function all-in-one music system with CD